Frequently Asked Questions

Tall Paul's Rent-All
125 US Highway 31 North

Athens, AL 35611




Q. How long is the Rental Day?


A. Weekdays ... 24 hours.




Q. Do you have a special weekend rate?


A. Yes. Pick up at opening on  Saturday, return Monday morning between 7 & 8am. 8 hour meter time-limit allowed on equipment. Excess hours will be pro-rated on an hourly basis.





Q. How do rental rates compute on a holiday if you are closed?


A. Same as a weekend. The equipment needs to be returned between 7 & 8 am the next morning. Keep in mind that we don't close on all holidays. Call for specifics.




Q. Do all Holidays compute the same?


A. Yes, all holidays that we close for.




Q. What happens if I can't return the rented equipment on time?


A. You will be charged for the time the equipment is out.




Q. How is overtime computed?


A. Overtime is prorated until it gets to the next level of rent.




Q. Is there a special "overnight rate"?


A. The same as a 4 hr. rate (if applicable, since not all equipment has a 4 hour rate) if it is returned between 7 & 8 am the following morning.




Q. Is there a discount for weekly and monthly rentals?


A. Yes. Call for a quote.




Q. What identification is required to rent equipment?


A. Valid Driverís License.



Call if you have further questions